winning negotiation skillsWhat is a Successful Negotiation Program ?

The need for efficacious negotiation tactics is greater than it has ever been,
primarily due to penetration of  technology in every industrial or professional sector. People negotiate when they have something to offer or they want something
under different terms than the other party or when they have to resolve
an issue or when they need to create mutual beneficial
agreement between two or more parties.

The prospects, customers, and business partners are more educated and prepared, have access to information right away, and have more alternatives available. In response to this, the negotiators on either side must be equally informed and prepared,respect the other party’s interests, and be ready to provide winning solutions to remain competitive.

Shepherds "Successful negotiation" program helps in applying a proven negotiation process helps people know where they are going and how to plan for successful results.

What are the benefits of this program ?

  • Mastering skills and tactics and key negotiation techniques required for business success to work in the real world.
  • Ensuring persuasiveness & influence in negotiation along with building  instant rapport with the other party.
  • Making sure not to  lose out in business dealings.
  • Turning objections into business agreements.
  • Learning to get what you want without generating a negative intuition.
  • Evaluating your level of confidence & preparation along with knowing  if the other side is telling the truth.
  • Finding out how to avoid giving away too much information.
  • Continuously  improving with deeper analysis in  a way to arrive at a Successful negotiation.
  • Spelling out the verbal, nonverbal & listening skills and being able to practice tactics to prevent & break deadlocks in the conversation.
  • Learning by examples - Some of the most successful negotiation tactics & strategies that top negotiators employ in their business dealings.

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