Whether its top IELTS , Spoken English or any other type of training, you can simply expect the best possible coaching in Ludhiana that will surpass your expectations BEYOND LIMITS

Looking for the best IELTS institute in Ludhiana or Punjab ?

Aiming for just 6 bands or 7 bands ?
Why not aim for 8 or 9 bands ?

The average score of Shepherds is 7.5 bands with a success rate of 81% of candidates in Canada, Australia, New Zealand , UK and US




best coaching centerKritika Singh Sachdeva
Macquarie University (Australia)
Reading - 9 Bands Listening - 8.5 Bands
Speaking - 8 Bands Writing - 7 Bands
Overall - 8 Bands

"I really got very impressed by Shepherds the very first day I came here . Taking the IELTS training here helped me improve in all the 4 modules whether they were writing, reading, listening or speaking etc and they motivated me a lot and their training worked wonders for me."

Anushika Sharma
Reading: 8.5 Listening : 7.5 Writing : 7.5  Speaking : 7.5
Bands Overall - 7.5 Bands

"The best thing I like about this BEST institute is that the interaction between the students and teacher is at the utmost personal level. Behaviour of the trainer is very good, I really like it. ULTIMATE environment for students. No negatives. "

Daman Mohar
Reading: 7 Listening : 7.5 Bands
Overall - 7 Bands

"Happy Place. Positive Vibes :)"

best ielts results in ludhiana
Gunit Pal Singh
Entrepreneur (Ludhiana)
Reading - 9 Bands Listening - 8.5 Bands
Speaking - 8 Bands Writing - 7 Bands
Overall - 8 Bands
8 bands institute in punjab ludhiana
Harneet Arora
Brampton (Canada)
Reading - 8 Bands Listening - 7.5 Bands
Speaking - 7 Bands
Overall - 7.5 Bands
Himani Gill
Reading - 7 Bands Listening - 7 Bands
Writing- 7 Bands
Overall - 7 Bands

Rahul Jindal
Trent University (Canada)


Listening - 9 Bands Speaking - 7.5 Bands
Reading - 8 Bands
Overall - 7.5 Bands

"Thanks to Shepherds I scored 9 Bands in Listening and also did CTP course later to better my personality. I think Shepherds has a very decent envoirment and a good crowd . It has strengthened my beliefs . Personally , I am a risk taker and it has given me the courage to move ahead in life . Now , I am very much prepared to speak on stage with the right approach. I think this course me help a lot when I go abroad for further studies and I wish to stay in touch with this institute."

top training center
Sakshi Aggarwal
Macquarie University (Australia)
Listening- 8 Bands Speaking - 7 Bands
Overall - 7 Bands

"I have improved a lot especially in writing and also in reading. Personal attention and priority is given to the weaknesses of the student and I learnt that working hard is essential to achieve your goals and my studying capacity has increased a lot."

Japneet Kaur
MET Film School (United Kingdom)
Speaking- 8 Bands  Listening - 7 Bands
Overall - 7 Bands

"Shepherds has been an amazing journey in learning IELTS. It not only taught me the communication skills & English language but to handle the situations when one gets afraid. The trainer carries a lot of energy from morning to night whenever we had to talk to him and this is the only thing that keeps the students fresh. I loved the learning experience here!"

Priyanshu Bhardwaj
University of Technology Sydney (Scholarship)

"Now this was a quite "life-changing" experience , now I am able to speak in an organized and confident way by making conversation interesting  and now I am more determined and less remain less confused . They should change the colour of their walls though :-D"

Balkirat Singh
University of Queensland (Australia)
Listening- 8 Bands Reading - 7.5 Bands 
Overall - 7 Bands

"The coaching received from Shepherds is quite helpful and they helped me raise my level in every module of IELTS. The overall experience was very good."

DPS Ludhiana
Raghavi Aggarwal
Delhi Public School - Ludhiana
Public Speaking Program

"Shepherds is really a nice place to learn and its really fun coming here. I learned how to be a confident individual and it made my life better and I got much more than I expected from here."

Personality Development

Ashish Jain

"It feels so good to be here, my mind was full of thoughts and was fully tangled with turbulence. I was fully stressed and now I feel more enthusiastic and I am ready to take up challenges in just a month. I feel more energetic and calm and composed at the same time. I do not want to look back now and I feel at least 100 times more confident than I was earlier. This institute has provided me a boost and motivated me enough to begin new life and become a winner."

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About Us

Who We Are

Shepherds Institute specializes in training on IELTS, PTE, TOEFL  and Spoken English courses and over all these years,  we have diversified into a lot many courses which make the best use of English Language as the core factor that surrounds and creates those courses and training programs such as: Leadership Training, Public Speaking, Business Communications, Voice and Accent Training, Marketing & Sales Training, Customer Services etc.

Even though Shepherds is popularly its known as the leading  IELTS institute in Ludhiana, with a number of professional associations and corporate training programs, we deliver a great value propositions to students and professionals by providing them English language classes  .

Shepherds is one of the oldest Institutes for IELTS in Ludhiana, Amritsar, Jalandhar and/or Chandigarh and perhaps one of the best ielts insitute in India delivering topnotch coaching and training. We are the pioneers of Leadership training in Punjab and stand out in our field having a very good reputation in the business of English and thats why considered as best IELTS institute in Ludhiana & Punjab . Our staff members are professionally trained faculty by The British Council and IDP and Top Leadership training companies in India . 

Immigration services and Study Abroad consulting in Ludhiana are next on our road-map.


What We Do

We are a soft skills training and a skills development company providing best services and training programs for people of different age groups - whether they are students or corporate professionals and according to their choice and preferences.

Our Vision

To ensure that our trainees achieve success in their academics and/or professions by providing them the best possible service delivery in the English language ecosystem and helping them getting closer to their dreams.

Our Mission

To demonstrate 'Integrity' in all our actions to deliver much more than we promised and inculcate a Culture of Transparency and Excellence that portrays an atmosphere of learning with commitment,  acknowledgement and appreciation.

To get good or better bands in IELTS, first learn the basics of English language, grammar and proper sentence formation.

Our 'Spoken English' course has delivered better value than anyone else in Ludhiana. Students have outperformed in every field and excelled in 'English Speaking' as a skill rather than  just pursing  a basic English language training.

Why choose Shepherds to conduct your corporate trainings?

  • Our portfolio is a validated proof to the work that we do.All our trainers have extensive training and corporate business experience which outfits them to turn conceptions into relevant learning in the workplace.
  • Our training is totally practical and based on the learning principles of our diverse experience in different verticals of the corporate sector.
  • We are aware very much updated and well-aware about the shifts in the industry which is very much evident in our training programs.
  • Our programs are totally customized based on the profile of the candidates , the purpose of the seminar or the program and is tailored to exclusive services of the organization the program/seminar is conducted for.

The techniques we apply to train :

  • Group Mentorship
  • Personal Training
  • Powerpoint Presentations
  • Videos
  • Innovative Games
  • Role Plays and Dramatic Presentations

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