voice and accent training in ludhianaImproving your English Accent is an easy and enjoyable way to learn and master the most challenging characteristics such as troublesome vowel sounds , difference in stressed and un-stressed syllables and words, which make you sound like a native speaker.
Shepherd's Voice and Accent Training Program in Ludhiana develops you to shave off certain excess from your current accent, and develop neutral accent.  This is one of the major portions of our BPO or Call Center Training in Ludhiana program as well .

People are mindful of vocabulary and limitless grammar BUT find it difficult to pronounce English words correctly and this battle with language can make communicating with native English speakers a baffling experience for both you and them.

Below are some of the crucial elements of the Voice and Accent Training workshop :

  • Working on a globally understood neutral accent or Accent Neutralization
  • Demonstration and usage vowel sounds
  • Building sentences using vowel sounds  and pronunciation practice sessions
  • Focusing on word stress and intonation and practicing words with sound break-up
  • Varied and altering speech patterns
  • Sessions on Intonation, rhythm, phonetics and consonants sounds
  • Sentence Stress, Syllable Stress  and word stress in neutral english
  • Inflection and pausing in speech context and sessions on word drills with sentences and removing the influence of mother tongue
  • Dealing with volume and tone of pitch with a concentration on speech clarity and enunciation

The world in now a global marketplace and we need a neutral accent in different English speaking countries .One field that specializes in the same is called Accent Neutralization or Accent Reduction which helps proficient English speakers speak with a more North American or British accent. This is demand created by outsourcing and many call centers in India.

This technique comes into play when these workers speak to North Americans who have difficulties understanding their accents. The English spoken may be good enough but many customers may have difficulty in understanding accents other than their own, hence accent neutralization or reduction becomes important for customer satisfaction.

What are the benefits of this program ?

  • With the varying regional accents, the demand of a neutral accent in support groups and call centers has increased. This leads to an increase in professional opportunities and personal benefits to communicate
  • People are conversing extensively and provide presentations by direct speech, video or telephone calls, hence a better accent is required to convey your message to a global audience
  • You will become confident and efficient - both socially and professionally while speaking English in any country
  • You will be able to represent your organization in a better way by providing better customer services.
  • Your target audience will have a better understanding of your product/service or presentation or even a general speech

The primary goal of this program is to assist it's candidates to deploy a neutral English accent in their day to day conversations that can be easily understood by people from diverse cultures across the globe.

We will train you via presentations, Reading exercises,verbal communication exercises, assignments, evaluations,individual or group discussions and practice sessions followed by final assessments.We create a noticeable difference in the understandability and clarity of the communication of the candidates participating in this program.

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