change managementEnforcing a professional organization change can be unpredictable as the processes and people evolve in diverse ways as they undergo change. No two persons will respond in the same way to an organizational change. Similar changes implemented in multiple verticals of an organization can produce varied results.
Our Change management program can help leaders prepare for change, engage their employees via change, and drive positive outcomes.

Our unique Change model allows the employers, leaders or managers to take an integrated approach to organizational change, while retaining flexibility in executing their strategies.

  • The purpose of change in the organization
  • Fundamental Analysis of the current scenario
  • Planning to steer the organization for the impact of the changes
  • Execution of Changes
  • Evaluation of the changes executed
  • Ensuring requirements for alteration in the implemented changes
  • Acceptance of the final changes with continuous review

There are no organizations or institutions that are resistant from change these days. They are either preparing for change or are in the middle of managing change or just simply having difficulties recovering from some previous change.

Wherever you are with managing change, helping your people is essential. Many Change Management Programs have provided no results because nobody looks at the emotional fallout and the effect on people's lives BUT change management needs key people within an organization to imbibe the skills and insights that will make a difference in their working styles.

Our program enables you to challenge change and covers the rules, assumptions, and patterns, the roles people play and conflicting ways of thinking and perceiving.

This program will help you understand :

Why do organizations need change and why do some of these changes are not adapted properly and how can employers and employees collectively facilitate change.

There are always risks involved if your people are not managing change and what are the components and scenarios that resist change

What are the major types of changes that can take place in an organization- whether they are planned or unplanned.

How can an organization build a successful strategy with an effective inside team to implement their vision.

How can you empower your routine activities that help you to accomplish winning negotiations and strategies.

Shepherds will also assist you to create a plan of Change Management as one of our initiatives using all the practices that are taught by us in the end of the program.

The purpose of this program  is to assure whether you have achieved enough understanding  to apply, tailor and manage change in a given organizational change scenario. A successful manager or employer should be able to start applying the Change Management techniques to a real change initiative with a suitable direction.

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