motivational training in ludhianaAt Shepherds we endeavor to be a game-changer in people’s lives and try contributing to their success.

Our principles impart impactful life changing keynotes that surpass age, profession or culture. Our programs work because they inspire and motivate, delivering a continuous flow of motivation empowering you to reach your goals in all areas of your personal or professional life—especially during your most difficult moments.

Whom do we offer this training to ?

Shepherds Institute offers motivational training , seminars, workshops and other corporate training programs in Ludhiana to small and mid-sized businesses, Government agencies, educational institutions such as colleges or schools, and non-profit associations. Our clients also include people who are struggling to stay positive or achieve their goals.

Employees of a professional institution often develop stress by having huge responsibility on their shoulders and we can help them conquer their fears in such times of discord or economic slumps or slowdowns leading to layoffs of team members.

The benefits to employers, employees or students from our Motivation workshops

  • Improves employee's efficiency in work and students performance in their respective institution
  • People Develop an attitude of adaptability while dealing with an ongoing change management process in their organization
  • Manpower stability and retention improve in an organization
  • Loyalty of an employee towards the organization improves
  • People develop Self-Confidence and a Never Give-Up attitude
  • Dedicated employers, employees or students emerge as leaders and become more agile, patriotic and charged up in their work environment
  • They also acquire characteristics indispensable to achieving success
  • People also build up a positive attitude and start giving importance to commitment, persistence and enhance their personal goal setting
  • This will also helps employers, employees or students connect better and establish professional relationships contributing to the success of an organization or an institution

Do you want to become a motivational trainer ?

We also have separate programs for Motivational Training aspirants and help them to become motivational trainers and offer them our full support .

Following are the benefits to candidates applying for our train the trainer program in motivational coach category

  • Access to most of our Corporate Training Programs
  • A complete workshop on Leadership Training
  • A complete program on Change Management
  • The trainers will develop personalities to fully utilize their motivational skills and assist their clients imbibe new attitudes towards issues they face on day to day basis
  • They will also assist their clients or organizations they are dealing with in visualizing what are the effects before and after a motivational workshop by identifying and penetrating in their core issues  and digging deep to realize their true motivations.
  • Our training will also help them develop techniques to hone their skills in this field and infuse enthusiasm amongst all levels of candidates including employers, students or potential  Motivational Coaches themselves.
  • They will be producing results for their clients via internal or external factors which help fuel workspace enthusiasm and commitment.

The quality of our motivational Classes and seminars inspire all students, employers and employees to deliver high performance which in turn improves their efficiency and productivity in today’s dynamic marketplace. Managers and leaders will inculcate sustained growth in their organization and themselves will inspire and motivate their teams as and when required.

This program will also prove all professionals that laying emphasis on the technical or hard skills and ignoring motivation or the soft skills comes at a heavy cost. People must feel that they are valued and recognized for their work and this will result in them being more responsible and productive in the long run via motivation.

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