call centre training in ludhianaOutsourcing refers to channelizing  services of major departments of a professional organization's internal infrastructure, staff, processes or applications to an external service provider.

The trend these days in outsourcing is to transfer the services to the countries where this work can be done at lower cost to the company. Many people have the benefits of off-shoring /outsourcing and are earning because they are well educated and are trained on  our English Speaking Course as well. But the the problem is that native influence on grammar and pronunciation has interfered with an inclusion to a certain degree. Our Voice and Accent training helps to increase this aspect of business communications which in turn positively impacts customer service.

Our program includes English pronunciation, is focused on removing the mother tongue influence and developing a neutral english accent. The efficiency of our program lies in the sequential approach and emphasis placed on Phonetics and Intonation which influence accent. The language is further understood after the participants undergo our Spoken English Course.

Our  ITES Training in Ludhiana concentrates on a wide range of skills required to function productively in the present Indian environment of flourishing BPO companies and IT Enabled Services.

With the growth of the BPO training in Ludhiana, there has been a steep rise in it's demands and can be outsourced as the skills required, such as Language Training, Neutral accent, Customer Services and Cultural preferences/orientation are majorly specific and demand experienced personnel facilitate these sessions.

The BPO training and ITES training program conducted by cover the following areas:

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