Employee Engagement


employee engagement

We understand the power of engagement in the corporate workplace which leads to confident, empowered, enthusiastic, and inspired employees who are fully engage in driving the organization to excellence.

Winning organizations are constantly looking for ways to optimize the value of their human capital. Successful leaders know just how to engage the hearts, hands, and minds of their employees to do their very best work. Employees that are committed, competent, and engaged are a most valuable asset in today’s business world.This program offers a proven result-oriented process for engaging the employees in your organization.

What is Employee Engagement ?

Employee engagement can be broadly defined as employees/staff/faculty members systematically acting in the best interests to achieve the goals of the organization. It helps remove Absenteeism, reverse-turnover, customer dissatisfaction, poor operational performance, and low  financial performance, are the vital drivers of an organization’s bottom-line performance.

Our course focuses not only on why employee engagement is important but also on how to nurture  employee engagement and link it to key organizational metrics and outcomes.It examines the business case to pursue employee engagement as a strategic initiative and evolve beyond the transactional approach of traditional employee relations to a strategic approach focusing on relationship-oriented and emotional measurements of employee commitment by developing s the competencies necessary to build employee engagement in your organization, the risks involved, and the implications for the employers or HR pros in adopting this approach.

Having emerged from consulting practice “employee engagement” is a term that is still being researched and debated about. People can be engaged in battle, engaged to be married, or engaged in a work contract – but what how in this world is it related to employees?

Well, it comprehends many well researched, traditional organizational psychology concepts such as job satisfaction, organizational commitment and intention to stay with an organization, as well as emerging concepts in the field such as proactivity, adaptivity and flow.

Successful people are confident and inspired.  They are empowered to achieve goals with enthusiasm – they are engaged in their work and their life.
Corporates and Small business firms seek to maximize the productivity and profitability of their employees who seek satisfaction from their work! If both can be achieved concurrently, there is a true Win-Win! The impact of an “engaged” workforce over an “unengaged” one is dramatic.

Who all can be a part of this program?

This course is designed for Employers or High Level Managers, Directors, and HR professionals who are charged with improving  organization’s ability to contribute to it’s strategy and success. It is also appropriate for HR professionals seeking the strategic skills required for advancement to management and leadership positions.