sales training in ludhianaIn this program, we will help you uncover selling opportunities and to analyze your existing customers to identify opportunities that can create some more value for clients and additional sales for you. Moreover, you will create a direction that will help strengthen your network within these accounts and capitalize on your existing champs. The enthusiastic ones will be more likely to provide you with referrals, references, and testimonials.

It has been said that if you have contacts in business, you’ve got it made. Certainly, the names and numbers of the right people are critical, but today, with such a wide range of available database information, it is easy to know who to call. The real question emphasizing success is not who do you know, but who wants to know you. People talking large database of business contacts are missing the point that it is more important for people to want us in their database.

This program will help you to nurture existing business accounts and increase customer loyalty while creating a referral network of champs and sales rockstars who bring in business for you!

Leading sales team is one of the most challenging tasks which requires the ability to manage a team of people who are generally high achievers
and have differently demanding personalities. An efficient sales manager needs to recognize and avoid common leadership mistakes, prioritize to avoid the absolutism of the urgent  and rather understand the facts, causes and valuated motives of their sales personnel.
In this program you will be able  process side of being an effective sales manager and begin with yourself and where you spend your time for the most
profitable action.

Shepherds Marketing and Sales Training program will cover :

  • Customer account development and retention
  • Result Oriented Selling and Business Communications Skills
  • Leadership Training and developing dynamic professionalism
  • Consultatory Selling and Interpersonal skills development
  • Proficient Selling Process with better customer acquisition
  • Developing outbound selling skills with
  • Enriching customer experience with motive and commitment
  • Becoming an expert in winning negotiation skills
  • How to recruit the right sales team who can influence and get more customers , thereby helping you achieve your targets
  • Learn how to manage stress and resolve conflicts in your professional organization and while dealing with customers as well
  • Building rapport with clients by leveraging on your personal development.
  • Introduction to Customer Services Program for better post sales process in your organization

You will start looking for ways that you can stay focused on while managing your priorities and discovering what motivates and captivates individuals on your team.

Success is a lousy teacher. To become a good salesperson and a leader of your team takes discipline and willpower which in turn helps you to not be discouraged by everyday setbacks makes you want to do better next time.

With the help of this program you  able to understand the fundamental drivers of sales management and Leadership while recognizing the common mistakes salespersons make.You will also be able to analyze the challenges of managing time as sales managers and use the sales P.O.V to build relationships and understand motivations.

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