leadership training in LudhianaThis program is tailored for you and your organization as it is important to have efficient leaders that can plan goals, inspire others and steer an organization to success. Leadership Development is one of Prime focus of Shepherds Institute. We offer training that covers a variety of topics - such as leading effective teams, leadership with ethics, visionary leadership  etc. that can help leaders develop within an organization and can do effective work in less time.

Why do you want to lead people?

It's a very easy question that professionals (usually) find difficult to answer.

Our Leadership Training Program in Ludhiana explores the necessities of leadership and the skills required to lead effectively. This intensive program will take you from the personal attributes of your own leading style and capability through to the organizational attributes of leading change and shaping corporate culture.

Through complete feedback, you'll explore your own ability to be an effective leader. And you'll learn about practical tools and strategies to help you focus your energies and have more influence in the real world.

The modules in this program will help you with the distinguishing skills required to effectively lead others:

  • The difference between Leadership  & Management in an organization
  • Developing and nurturing high performance teams
  • Change Management within an organization and molding corporate culture
  • Cultivating Employee Engagement driving Team leadership
  • Focus on Leadership Styles and inclinations with a prime focus on adaptability, interpersonal and business communication skills
  • Motivational and visionary leadership with result oriented team management and performance training
  • Performance assessment and improvement with a better results oriented attitude and HR management
  • External Awareness, effective networking for generating better business and professional contacts and connections
  • Personal Branding with influence
  • Multitasking, strategic and sequential planning for better outcomes in personal and team's performance
  • Mentorship, Partnership and honorable leadership
  • Creating a global culture in an organization with dynamic professionalism, diversity and values
  • Leading multiple meetings with ability to resolve and manage conflicts
  • New hires interviewing, Selection, Orientation and Management for your team
  • Continuous improvement in work processes and aligning organizational systems
  • Communicate direction and connect the dots to bridge the gap between the management and core functional or technical teams
  • Rewarding and motivating employees to create high performance corporate environment
  • Fostering systematic thinking ability to deal with resilience in adversities or difficult situations
  • Building  relationships by demonstrating character, values, ethics, honesty, integrity and competence by building and inspiring trust with others

For whom is this program meant for?

The list can be really long here but usually employers, CEOs, Directors, General managers, Project Managers, Freelancers, Teachers, Mentors, Trainers, Public Speakers, Marketers, HR professionals and many other professionals who are new to an important leadership role in their organization.Candidates or participants of this program may come from a diverse industries, organizations or backgrounds.

You will also acquire genuine cross-cultural leadership perceptions and new  perspectives on your own leadership style from various group of peers and you may find yourself sitting next to the HR Director of a Swiss bank, the Marcom manager of a British telecoms company, or the chairman of an Australian construction company. As a result, your capability to work with and lead teams across your global organization is increased.

Benefits of this program to it's participants

 You will imbibe the necessary skills that distinguish a successful leader from a manager and will be able to interpret your current leadership strengths and build on them
You will also adopt your ideas and initiatives in a better way and generate insights into motivating and coaching others more effectively
You will also discover how to lead high performance teams and hone your skills in a better group of contemporaries

Benefits of this program to the organization of participants

Your organization will be able to build a group of exceptional leaders,and will be able to enhance the team leadership skills of it's individual executives or managers leading to improvement in  their networking and influencing skills

Your organization will also be able to create a high performance-orientated environment acquiring pragmatic leadership drivers and instruments that can be applied throughout the organization.

Our leadership training seminars in Ludhiana assist you and your peers to develop the qualities of better leadership that help in an overall success of an organization regardless of a downturn of  a nationwide or global economy

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