interview training in ludhiana About our Interview Training Programs and Services in Ludhiana

Getting a suitable Job Profile is a big challenge and it gets even bigger as the opportunities are lesser than the jobs . Our Interview Training Programs and Services are targeted to assist right from High Performance executives at a lower level to Top Management C-Level Corporate Executives, Corporate Heads of SMEs improve their chances of getting hired through an Intensive Job Interview Coaching. Depends if you simply want to enhance your interview skills or needd an in-depth guidance to improve specific areas of your personality , presentation or leadership qualities . We  train you to get your next Job Interview . You can connect with us after a Recruiter/Employer has contacted you for a meeting or when you are expecting Interview Calls or just searching for a job.

Our Unique Interview Training in Ludhiana provides highly quality practical training and guidance via One-on One Coaching and gives you the access to work closely with an experienced Interview Coaching Trainers .

Interviews are tougher than ever and many potential candidates will be not be prepared enough to be confident or focused to face the Interviewers and may or may not prepare, practice or rehearse and may not receive guidance or coaching.

Our Interview preparation program will significantly improve your chances to do well in an interview get your desired JOB along with  the BEST salary package possible . Our services are customized to your needs and we devote a lot time with each potential candidate and offer Face To Face Interview preparation , SWOT Analysis, Mock Interview Sessions, Developing clarity of goals with focus and Confidence.

The interview coaching and training sessions are designed to provide you with insights on how an employer thinks

With this course you will know how to :

  • Overcome interview tensions, stress & anxiety
  • Prepare for the interview correctly for a particular organization
  • Dress up according to the type of interviewers you are dealing with
  • Train yourself for the "Do’s & Don’ts" while interviewing with an organization's senior employees.
  • Answer the one of the simplest yet the most difficult question "Tell me something about yourself"
  • Mould your behaviour for a great opening in the interview
  • Keep a few things in mind during your interview session
  • Ask penetration questions to the interviewer
  • Negotiate your salary the right way.
  • Conclude your questions and answers in a better way for success!
  • Get noticed amongst a lot of candidates in an interview
  • Master the art of performing and outshining our competition in an interview
  • Gain the latest industry knowledge
  • Learning from wrong and/or right decisions of the experts who have appeared in lots of interviews
  • Create an impact while presenting yourself while balancing the Interest of the recruiter for the suitable job profile
  • Mould and modify your answers to sail through the entire process
  • Groom and develop etiquette that effects your professional behaviour and presence in the interview.

Who do we train for advance interviews?

Anyone who is willing to give an interview for a professional organization- a MNC or a Small business firm . Whether the candidate is a professional or a fresher and at least 18 years of age and/or above will be eligible.

How do we train you ?

We provide our trainees with comprehensive workshops to crack the toughest interviews they will come across while looking for a job and they will get insights,tips and tricks along with know-hows of successes and common mistakes which people make during their interview.

You will also get to know the methods of corporates to conduct interviews such as :

  • Cisco or Skype Telepresence Meetings
  • Calls in a group or conference meet
  • Conducting psychometric tests to determine your ability to withstand different situations
  • Right from personal One on One Sessions to Group/Panel interviews
  • Interviews based on different situations - including pressure, stress, or time oriented interviews
  • Case Studies of different successes and failures of various interviewees in different MNCs and SMEs

Role Play activities and PowerPoint presentations from our experience help in empowering you with the knowledge and skill-set.

How do we assess the candidates or trainees ?

  • We  understanding your resume, experience and your corporate or student story thus far. Pick up a broad overview of the company your are applying to and the role you are applying applied for including the Job Description and key requirements
  • We develop hypothesis of the major requirements and what the employer or  recruiter would seek and provide you an insight as to what most organization look for in candidates as their balanced choice
  • We help you overcome weaknesses and answer the most difficult questions
  • We also help you in Resume Writing  and create a Hi-Impact resume demonstrating your value to the recruiters or employers
  • We also provide a regular feedback from start to the end helping you achieve your goal towards a successful interview.

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