personality development training in ludhianaShepherds Institute has a proven track record of producing the best Personality Development course in Ludhiana to its students.  Our training is 100% practical with motivational lectures , Leadership Training and many more examples that we have set earlier with our students getting promotion in their Jobs or Businesses and even becoming young achievers in their studies .

This course has the following modules :

  • Developing Interpersonal Skills and Relations
  • Types of Attitude and Challenges
  • Team Building and Grouping Dynamics
  • Stress Management
  • Conflict Management and Resolution
  • Performance Assessment and Appraisal
  • Time Management
  • Goal Setting
  • Leadership
  • Creative thinking
  • Risk taking
  • Management with Emotional Intelligence
  • Motivation
  • Logical and abstract communicative reasoning
  • Decision Making
  • Business Communications in Professional Organizations

If enterprises or people want better success, then the ability to improve motivation & energy to better the potential gifts becomes important. but, every time the focus is on the hard or technical skills with no concentration on developing one’s personality.
Our Personality Development course is designed to help emerging leaders create a more dynamic and energized personality and implement it in their offices or places where they work.

What are the benefits of this course ?

You will acquire the skills to:

  • Discover and correlate motivation, employee engagement
  • Recognize the elements that can determine employee performance
  • Distinguish various ways to build and encourage self motivation
  • Gain proficiencies sustain positive attitude adapt to change management in your organization
  • Overcome obstacles and develop characteristics Essential to Achieving Success
  • Simplify and Clarify your vision and goals
  • Know the importance of dedication and the powerfulness of determination
  • Focus on hard and smart work together
  • Perform passionately and imbibe the quality of giving more than what you get in return

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