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Looking for the top 5 institutes of IELTS in Ludhiana?

There are a lot of IELTS academies in Ludhiana , probably a hundreds of them. IELTS training centers in Punjab – especially in Amritsar, Jalandhar , Ludhiana and Chandigarh are probably in every nook and corner , but there are very few of them who are really good and outperform in terms of Quality Training.…

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How can hosiery industry in Ludhiana become better ?

In India, the garment and hosiery industry has played an important role in the development of economy. Almost every industrialist in Ludhiana and other areas has entered into the race starting from the reliance group to the self-employed freelance designer or the small-scale industrialists and top-notch designers like Manish Malhotra , Masaba Gupta and many…

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Looking for the most advanced Soft Skills Training in Ludhiana?

Our Advance English Language courses change the way people of Ludhiana communicate and develop their competence in soft skills IS INTELLECTUAL & CREATIVE BRAIN ENOUGH FOR SUCCESS? We feel there is no use of such creativity which can be shared. That’s why it is very important for a good creator to be a top notched…

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How can you score better in IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Introduction?

As we all know by now that IELTS comprises of 4 sections namely reading, writing, listening and speaking. All the 4 sections have their own set of protocols. Every section has set of tips and tricks that if understood and followed well can fetch good bands. All the 4 sections are divided into 2-4 sections…

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How can personality development classes help you get liked by all?

Personality Development Classes or courses help blend one’s thinking, emotions and behavioral patterns which makes a person liked by all. Everyone wants to acquire a persona that is liked by all and should have a pleasing effect on people around. Becoming an attractive personality is a dream of almost everyone on this planet and holds…

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How to score better in IELTS Speaking Part 2 – Cue Cards

As we all know that IELTS is a system that is made to evaluate your language skills in 4 aspects i.e. reading, writing, speaking and listening. This helps to test your command over the language and know your shortcomings in various modules and perhaps leads to a better perspective of knowing a language and developing…

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