The scenario of JOBS in Ludhiana

Jobs Ludhiana

Nowadays finding jobs according to one’s capability is not everyone’s cup of tea. There has occurred a huge mismatch between the jobs and the job seekers over past few years. This imbalance of the job industry has been a strong blow to the surviving and the upcoming youth. But what about jobs in Ludhiana?

The “real” scenario of – JOBS in Ludhiana

When talking about this issue, Ludhiana and Punjab (overall) has suffered greatly due to job imbalances and also due to a don’t care and laid-back attitude of the government, every year hundreds of medical, arts , law and engineering colleges come into existence without analyzing their actuated value.

In terms of jobs Ludhiana students get professional degrees without knowing their have no future in jobs.

Having said that, there are still some private and government sectors where jobs are listed and are being provided, but they are not open for everyone and especially for professionals,they are mainly in industrial area which comprises primarily of hosiery, textile and cycle parts manufacturing and trading companies out of which 90% is comprising of labour jobs.

Ludhiana, popularly known as Manchester of India has the biggest industrial sector and is also the leading industrial hub .It is also famous for its 3 W’s – Wool, Wheat, and wheels. It has the biggest cycle parts, textile and hosiery market in India and also deals in import and export of raw material as well as finished goods.

Now talking about the outline of jobs in Ludhiana – it is very “old school” and industry oriented. Considering the rapid growth of industries a focal point industrial area had been developed . This has been utilized by the large industrial houses thereby  creating a wide horizons for the jobs and the job seekers. A great portion of the industry comprises of printing and packaging culture in Ludhiana and  is very old. It has undergone a dramatic change in manufacturing techniques and is evolving slowly with time. With a little encouragement and guidance it has a wide potential to develop as a major hub of printing and packaging industry not only for Indian need but for international outsourced jobs.

There are job options in schools as teachers and lecturers. As the as the population has increased manifolds over the past decades there has been significant increase in number of schools and colleges. This has created a wide scale of white-collar jobs for the eligible youth such as IT jobs, banking jobs, or jobs that involve public speaking such as – sales jobs , training jobs, call center jobs and a lot more!

The rest comprises class 3 and class 4 jobs that are given to people who are not able to seek higher education.They have options such as ground staff in hospitals, plumbers, electricians, drivers etc. There has also been an increase in demand for such jobs with opening of many new but “old school” mechanical ventures. But the problem with these people not getting better jobs is that they can’t speak English !!

20 percent of one’s success to get a job will be due to one’s technical knowledge or the hard skill that one has acquired and about 80 percent is due to his/her personality, and developed skills in public speaking , Leadership & the ability to speak English properly.

Having talked about the above there is a need of awareness among the people so that they could look up for jobs according to their needs and education and qualification. They can easily do this online by visiting various job portals such as or etc.

Government should aim and aid in creating more an more jobs not only in Ludhiana but all over the state so that the youth should not moved to other states in search of jobs. Measures should be taken to improve the English in government schools and it should be mandatory and the employers should be encouraged to keep their employees updated, motivated and bring in regular changes in Technology so that Ludhiana can surpass the expectations of natives and people from outside, and develop more and more jobs for a faster growth!