HOW TO SCORE 9 BANDS IN IELTS ? – The right way!

how to score 9 bands in IELTS

Examinations are one thing that make everyone nervous and panic most of them – The degree of which varies from person to person 🙂

First and foremost question that occurs in one’s mind is how to excel in that particular examination? Every examination and IELTS exam are two different concepts. But they have one thing in common that is an urge of excelling. Now here we would be talking about IELTS exam as it’s the most common test occurring all over the state of Punjab and especially in the city of Ludhiana.

Now-a-days everyone is talking about it and does not want to leave any stone upturned to excel in the exam. Let us have a precise view about the exam that what it is all about and why it is conducted? This exam is an English language testing system which judges a candidate on four aspects i.e. reading, writing, listening and speaking. This exam is basically conducted for people who want to study or settle overseas. It is a must have for all the people who are aspiring for a foreign settlement. The marking scheme is visualized as bands the highest being 9 for sure and the lowest being 4 apparently. So these bands are very important so as to gain a better access to future perspective in a foreign land.

Now the most common question that comes in mind of an aspiring candidate is how to excel in the exam and some aspirants wonder how to score 9 Bands in IELTS. So going step by step the first thing that flashes is surfing on internet for this exam. There is huge stack of information flashing on internet how to crack the exam with 9 bands. There are various sites that provide online courses , tips and tricks for excelling in the same. Some people follow them and yes they do crack the exam in flying colours but few of them cannot co-ordinate well with the format. Well, for these people, there are various institutes that provide a people an appropriate coaching for the course such as ours.


For people who cannot afford coaching or for some reasons or the other can practice at home and by their own. There are few things that one should realize initially is that you need to know English well to score well. If you can do well in all the four sections you can score the desired bands with no hassles. So if you are not that keen on improving your English you have to pull up your socks to reach your goal.


 IELTS Listening 9 bandsThe first section is listening which needs a good grasping and understanding ability. Well, to start with you have to practice your tests regularly with help of materials provided by British Council or IDP and in addition to this , you can watch English movies with or without subtitles depending upon your comfort levels. For this particular section you can opt for the English news channels and English serials to have a clear view of the accent and the pronunciations being used. It can help you in enhancing your listening skills as you will become used to of listening such an accent over and over again. At first you may not be able to understand but you should not get disheartened at all. Practice is the key that can unlock every door. Be honest to yourself in judging and practice accordingly.


get 9 Bands in IELTS ReadingThe second section happens to be reading . To start with , you have to practice your reading tests regularly with help of materials provided by British Council or IDP . You can also push harder to score 9 bands in IELTS reading and go for English newspapers , books or magazines to improve in this language. This will greatly help you having a grip of your reading section. Try to mark your speed levels and the ability to understand what is being talked about. Regular practice will help u gain what you are striving for.

Practice the Shepherds favorite QRQ technique by reading the Questions first and then Reading the Paragraph later and then answering by reading the questions again.


ielts writing 9 bandsThird section is writing which is quite an easy task as it is something that we are “used to” and “prone to”  🙂 from our school days.

Letter, essays ,paragraphs are not new to you but here what matters is telling your opinion in a given number of words. The Writing Task 1 should comprise minimum of 150 words and writing task 2 can comprise of a minimum of 250 words.

For this you need to be precise yet expressive. Additionally to score 9 bands in writing section, to start with, you can write a diary page on how you spent your day or anything else. Start writing about things you like or dislikes, your hobbies, your admiration and the list goes on. But one thing that you should be careful in writing is the relevance of the facts and correct use of vocabulary. That is the soul of this section .if you use these weapons correctly no one can stop you from achieving your desired bands.


9 bands in ielts speaking

Here comes the last section and that is speaking. As by my experience, this section requires a great deal of hard work and confidence. In other words, you can say it is a test of your confidence and how fluent you keep yourself in front of the examiner. For this section, you need to join the best IELTS Insitute in India.

You can also practice by standing in front of the mirror and talk to yourself. This will initially help you in gaining confidence of speech and you will develop a habit of speaking. The more you practice more you will be able to come out of the cocoon. Talk about the recent developments with your friend have debates on certain topics and tell your friends to ask you questions. Continuous practice will provide you a great help to nail this section and get good bands.

After completing with all the initial steps that have been mentioned you can opt for the online sessions and materials are available for practice on internet. Another option is all the practice books that are available in the market. Combination of the two can take you miles apart and attain those great score.

All said and done you should never be laid back thinking that you are going great but should always have that never settle attitude. You should be a constant learner and improve in all the aspects. Hard-work has no substitutes at all and with the aim of 9 bands you really have to work harder and harder. I hope with all the above mentioned tips you will be able to get an overview of the exam and crack it with good bands. but if you feel that you need assistance and guidance feel free to join your nearest institute.