How to improve Spoken English – The right way!

how to improve spoken englishWe have thousands of languages being spoken all over the world by millions of people. Every country and every state have their own set of languages. There are some languages that are universal i.e. they are widely accepted and spoken by people all over the world. One such language is ENGLISH that is most widely used all over the world.

In this respect, English also has a status of a well acclaimed international language. English has its origin from Great Britain and it is its national language from quite a few eras. As it prevailed in different countries it underwent modulations from and was adopted in convenient ways accordingly. Having said that, Spoken English has gained a lot of importance as it has been a common language for people who belong to different countries as their communicating language. Various business ventures that are carried on internationally adopt this language as it is widely accepted and understood. So having a skill to speak English is essential these days in order to carry on with the things at an international level and national levels as well.

But…. how to improve Spoken English?

Nowadays people are very much aware in learning various languages like French, German, Chinese etc. along with English. But learning English is most common among the youth. It’s a must have for students who want to study abroad or want to work there. Not only students but people who want to expand their business internationally also require a great skill in this language. They should be able to read, write, understand(listen) and speak English very well.

Now speaking further, not everyone has those skills and grip over the language. Some people are not able to study in English medium schools or have a wide exposure to this language but that does not decrease their chance to flourish well internationally. All they have to do is believe in oneself and start practicing over the language. There are many ways to improve in a particular language but the process needs to be a step-by- step process.Every language can be communicated in four ways :- reading, writing, listening and speaking. Here we shall discuss about how to improve on all the four ways including speaking  to communicate so that you can easily speak in English later.

Firstly, reading is one such thing that we are most commonly exposed to from our childhood days. So, for improving in this area you need to put in an extra effort to increase your reading speed and at the same time understand what is being read. Initially you can start by reading English newspapers, magazines that have simple English so a s to build a strong base. Practice it for a certain period then shift to reading novels as this will provide you with another aspect of English to be read. By this time you will be able to judge your improvement and your grip over the language. Now proceeding from books to computer screens. You can read various blogs that are written by different people over different issues on the internet. This will further strengthen your reading ability, but read aloud so that you can speak well too .

Now comes the listening part. This is an area where many people especially from a village background face a problem. They are not able to understand the language when being spoken to. No need to worry this can also be solved by various methods. To start with you can watch English news or English movies that can help you understand how exactly words are pronounced. To aid in that you can start with watching movies that have subtitles. Start listening to English songs on TV or your personal mp3 as per your comfort. You can also switch on to your radio over English channels to improve further. As you will carry on with your practice sessions you will notice that you are able to understand the language more than you used to initially. Proceed further by watching movies that do not contain subtitles so that you can improve further and can judge better whether you have improved or not.

Going on further, writing comes into the scene. This is an easy but yet a difficult task to accomplish. In schools we are asked to write letters and essays so to improve on this skill is not that tedious job. To improve on this area you need to brush up your writing skills and trust me on that it is not at all difficult. To start with, start writing an essay over a topic or an article over the same as per your liking. Develop a habit of writing a daily diary. This is a bull’s eye method to improve writing as it also helps you in generating ideas and a creative use of words. In addition to this, you can start writing blogs without bothering about what is being written in it. This gives you a fearless and hesitation free writing skill. Last but not the least,you can write a book review or a movie review all by yourself to improve on the expression of your ideas and thoughts. Speak while you write so that it gives an edge while expressing your ideas later on when you speak English.

At the end , the last and major part – English Speaking – the question of – “how to improve spoken English” –   which is a nightmare for majority of people but it is the most easy thing to master if you have practiced the 3 other ways to communicate : – which will be reading , listening and writing. And as you can practice it anywhere without requiring much of equipment, the key factor to master this skill is CONFIDENCE. To start with, just talk talk and talk . Talk to your friends, family members and to oneself as much as you can. This will boost up your confidence and will lessen the hesitation in speaking the language. To be fluent and clear read out things loud let it be a book or a newspaper. Take part in debates and discussions as it is a benchmark in improving your speaking.

One must realize his/her weak areas and start working upon them gradually moving towards the stronger zones.All said and done these are various methods that you can practice on your own to brush up your skills but if you have a notion that these tricks and tips will not work that efficiently you can always join an English speaking course in Ludhiana. There are various options available to learn about the language and have a command over it.