English to Punjabi translation – how often do you search that?

Let’s be honest, how many times do people living in Punjab and Ludhiana look up for the “English to Punjabi translation” for certain words that we find difficult to understand.

Well, not that difficult to count, right? While reading some novel/ book, while in a conversation with your friends/ business partners/ some stranger, while writing some comment on Facebook/ Twitter or while browsing through some English song’s lyrics. It’s quite embarrassing at times, BUT not anymore, because now you can prepare yourself with the fully loaded dictionary of your own. Improve your vocabulary by learning English the easy way, our way!

Most people in Ludhiana and Punjab know how to speak English, at least we know how to communicate in simple words but is that enough? Are you happy with your shallow knowledge of English? Is mere knowledge of “Hi, How are you” gives you enough courage and confidence to be around your friends/ folks who are extremely well versed or do you lose your confidence and require internet all the time to understand what they say?

Now say goodbye to searches such as “English to Punjabi translation”and avail to our English learning course that will help you gain that confidence and knowledge, you can flaunt all the time.

So, Learn English with us and we promise that the next time your friends will have to search English to Punjabi translation 😉